Maurice andré - trompetenkonzerte - III - Maurice André & the Piccolo Trumpet

An article published in French newspaper Le Monde in October 2014 makes the case of recent discoveries about Merleau-Ponty's likely authorship of the novel Nord. Récit de l'arctique (Grasset, 1928). Convergent sources from close friends (Beauvoir, Elisabeth "Zaza" Lacoin) seem to leave little doubt that Jacques Heller was a pseudonym of the 20-year-old Merleau-Ponty. [17]

Reprinted from the International Trumpet Guild ® Journal to promote communications among trumpet players around the world and to improve the artistic level

'The majority of these pictures were among the canvases which he kept by him. He sold a few but many remained and were dispersed in the sales made by his heirs.'

Maurice André - TrompetenkonzerteMaurice André - TrompetenkonzerteMaurice André - TrompetenkonzerteMaurice André - Trompetenkonzerte