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Imagine a man treating his wife merely as a symbol of all that is lovely in womanhood. He lets her live in splendid isolation in their beautiful house, but he goes out on the town with his mates and picks up other women, and is often talking on the phone with them, flirting with this one and that one. But he won’t let anyone speak a bad word about his wife. He becomes very serious when he refers to her; “She is everything that is best in women, her example, the way she keeps the house, and cares for the children. She is careful with the housekeeping money. What gifts she has, and her taste is impeccable. She does nothing wrong. Don’t let anyone say a word about my missus,” he says reverently. Yes, he is everything to her but a husband. She may as well be a robot wife! He is not treating her as his own beloved sweetheart and darling, and he is breaking her heart by his life. She is not a symbol of womanhood; she is one flesh with him until death parts them. So it is with the Lord Christ. If you think that the word ‘Jesus’ is a mere composite of people in need everywhere then you don’t know him! If you think he is a figure who stands for all that is best in every founder of every religion then you don’t know Jesus Christ. Christianity is Jesus Christ. It centres on a person, trusting in him as one’s personal Saviour, and saying what Paul said, “He loved me and gave himself for me.” Salvation is turning from sin and casting yourself upon him alone, upon a person who did something redemptive by his life and death. He is not a symbol. A symbol did not die for us on Calvary. A symbol did not lie in the grave and rise again on the third day. It is one living person who actually is with us at this moment.

Peccatum - Lost In ReveriePeccatum - Lost In ReveriePeccatum - Lost In ReveriePeccatum - Lost In Reverie